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Why Books Online?

Recently I had the chance to read several books online; excellent books with a high meaningful content that I would have missed if I had no other alternative than to order  them through Amazon.com, pay for them, wait for them to arrive by mail, and then read them.

I published recently two books on the issue of abortion. They are the result of careful research, and a huge investment of time and effort. I believe that these two books of mine contain valuable information that would benefit those interested in this topic.  And I realize that many people will never get the benefit of reading them if they have to go through the task of ordering them and paying for them.

I wrote these books because I have a strong conviction that the unborn have the God-given right to life. This means that the profit from the sale of my books is almost irrelevant when compared with the value of life of those waiting to take the first breath. This is why I have decided to place these books of mine online and make them available to everybody at no cost.

The best things in life are free: air and water–in most cases. If you are thirsty, you can always find a place where you can get a drink at no monetary cost to you. The same is true about spiritual blessings. You can always walk into a church to get spiritual advice or to pray.

Tor this reason, I will attempt to upload my two books online for your benefit. I may be tempted to include other books of value if I can get permission to do so. I will also post a list of links to numerous articles–most of them dealing with the value of life–for you to browse and read at your convenience.

My the Lord add his blessing to this project of mine!

Nic Samojluk